Saturday, November 30, 2013

Liturgical Colors

Above you can see the work we use to teach the colors of the church year. The four chasubles are in the four colors of the church: white, purple, green and red. We present the colors fairly simply at this time. White is for the feasts of the Church. The two great feasts are Christmas and Easter. Purple is before the feast. Advent and Lent are two times when we are preparing for the great feasts of Christmas and Easter. Green is after the feast. It is a growing time when we learn more about Jesus. Red we present only as for the feast of Pentecost, for the Holy Spirit. 

The poster is on the wall and is a control chart for this work. I've been a bit surprised at how much the children look and refer to these charts (we have one for the altar work,too). It just goes to show how important the environment and order is for the children of this age (those sensitive periods!). 

I happened to present this lesson to the group on the Feast of Christ the King. One of my four-year-olds remarked to me in passing (quite a while after this presentation) "Father Leo was wearing white today." Because I was working with another child I could not talk to him about why Fr. Leo was wearing white (it not being Easter or Christmas). I love how much these young children notice! It's one reason I always sat towards the front of the church when my own children were young and encourage others to do the same. Especially as we continue to learn about the Mass, sitting with the children in a place where they can see what is happening on the altar will help them incorporate what they are learning in class and feel more a part of the larger Church.