Monday, November 4, 2013

Thoughts about the Land of Israel

The Land of Israel relief map. This is not ours but from another atrium.
I get so much joy from the children in the Atrium. It is especially wonderful to see their interest in the materials and the thoughts that they share with us.

On Sunday, at the end of our time in the Atrium, the children were putting away their work and gathering around the prayer table. One child walked by our relief map of the land of Israel. I haven't presented this work yet. She asked, "What's that?" I responded, "That is the land of Israel. It is the place Jesus lived." A three year old looked at me with eyes wide open and asked, "Is he still there?" I told her he was not. She then asked, "Why not?" 

Well.....we'll be learning all of that soon but I just told her he lived there a long time ago and that we'll soon be learning all about his life and family and where he lived.

What a wonderful way for the children to begin to anticipate the work we have in the next few weeks! I will be presenting the historical background of Jesus (where he was from, that it was a real place) and then in Advent will begin to present the Infancy Narratives. The children are so looking forward to using those materials that they see on the shelf but have not been presented to them yet!

And so am I!