Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Land and Water Globe

What a cold, rainy weekend! What I like about these days are how cozy they make me feel indoors. There really isn't anything that can be done outside so I focus on the house: cleaning, cooking and reading. I hope you have some rainy day rituals.

This week in the atrium our group lesson was focused on the world. The above material is called the Land and Water Globe or the Sandpaper Globe. It is one of the few materials that is used in the atrium that is also used in the Montessori classroom. The way it is used is a little different, however.

In the atrium we show the children the globe, teach them how to hold it carefully by the base and allow them to feel the two textures (rough for the land, smooth for the water). We discuss the fact that a globe is a model of the earth. We know that God created the whole earth and that it is very, very large. We then take time to notice the little red dot on the globe. We tell the children that in the whole wide world that God created, he chose a very small, tiny particular place for His son to be born. 

We then talk about how wonderful it is that God chose this place for Jesus to be born, how wonderful it is that Jesus, a real person, lived on this earth and that the place God chose for him to live must be very special, very holy.

This is the first of the geography lessons. We teach geography to help the children understand that Jesus was a real person who lived in a real place that still exists today. It is often difficult for children at this level to understand history. The geography lessons set the stage for the stories of Jesus' life that we will begin to teach in the next few months. The physical materials assist in helping solidify these very difficult concepts.

What you can do at home: Use maps and photos and books of places all over the world to help your child learn that God made different types of people who live in different places but He loves us all! Children are fascinated with different cultures, their customs, holidays, dress and food. They enjoy seeing how people who look so different do many things in the same way they themselves do!