Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Colors of the Church Year

It was wonderful to be back with the children in the atrium after having a week off. I am so grateful to have wonderful assistants who are willing to take the lead when I have to be away.

This week our group lesson was the Liturgical Colors. Click here to read a post from a few years ago about this lesson. In addition to the specific lesson about the colors of the Church year, we always add the current liturgical color to our prayer table. I think this is actually the best way for the children to learn why we use these colors. They enjoy setting up the prayer table so much. Certainly any learning activity that also brings joy will always be one that is best remembered.


What you can do: If you have a prayer space at home, incorporate the colors of the season and talk about them with your child. When attending Mass, ask your child to notice the color of Fr. Leo's chasuble and Deacon Manny's Stole. Talk about how the natural year goes 'round and round' through the seasons and so does the Church year!