Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Empty Tomb

This year I decided to talk about Jesus and the Empty Tomb before Easter. I felt it would be a culmination of the lessons we've been having about Jesus' life and would prepare the children for Easter. For this lesson we read from the book of Mark, chapter 16 vs. 1-7. Before reading the story I ask the children to listen to the names they hear and what problem the women were talking about. These questions give the children something to listen for and help them pay attention. I read the account before showing the children the Empty Tomb work. We talked about the characters in the story including the man in the tomb and that the women were worried about rolling away the stone.

Once I uncovered the work the children jumped up to see closer! They were so excited to learn more about everything. It was hard for them to wait while I showed the work but I promised they would have lots of weeks to work with it after Easter! While I retold the story, I moved the three women and the man and showed the children how the stone could be rolled away. There was also a white cloth on the left side of the tomb where Jesus was laid. He wasn't there anymore, He is alive!

The children were quite amazed at this whole lesson and many could retell all the parts of the story. I hope this lesson helps your children remember a little better the reason we celebrate Easter amid all the egg hunts and family gatherings. I hope you all have a blessed Easter. I'll see you in two weeks!