Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Liturgy of Light

It was glorious to be back in the atrium with the children. They adjusted to our new room and were really interested in getting water from our new water dispenser now that we don't have a sink in the room. One of our three year olds stood guard by the spigot to help anyone who needed water!

It was hard to stop them from their work today but I was excited to share with them the Liturgy of Light. I told them we would be doing some of the same things that Fr. Leo does at the Easter Vigil. First I showed them our Paschal candle and asked what things they could see on it. They were eager to share everything! I explained that our candle is wonderful but that the one at church is really something to see. They loved hearing that it is taller than me!

Once we talked about the symbolism on the candle, I said a few prayers while touching the candle, just like is done outside at the Vigil Mass. We then gathered at the rear of the classroom, made the room very dark and I gave each child an unlit candle to carry. I then lit the Paschal candle and we processed to the Baptism area, stopping three times. Each time I said, "The Light of Christ" and the children responded, "Thanks be to God." When we settled at the table, I invited each child to come have his/her candle lit from the Paschal candle. I let each child hold the lit candle briefly (and safely) while I again said, "The Light of Christ" and they responded, "Thanks be to God." They then carefully placed their candle on the table around the Paschal candle. When each person had a turn our table was bright with light! We remembered the verse we learned at the beginning of the year, "Jesus said, I am the light of the world." 

Each child then had a turn to use the candle snuffer to snuff out one candle. It was quite an exciting day. 

What you can do: When you are at Mass with your family, be sure to show your child the Paschal Candle!