Saturday, October 1, 2016

Biblical Geography

Notice the small red dot.
I am writing this post on Saturday night as I prepare for tomorrow's CGS class. Tomorrow, in addition to the lessons I give throughout the day with individual children across the curriculum, I will talk to the whole group about a Biblical Geography lesson about the world. We use what is called 'The Montessori Land and Water Globe' to show the children a model of our great big earth. We let them find the very small red dot that shows where God chose His son, Jesus, to be born. The children often get lost in their own wonderings as they look at the globe (Where do I live? Where is Hawaii? etc.) which I find delightful. It is by following their lead that I often bring in the lesson.

The reason I am writing on Saturday night instead of Sunday afternoon after our class is that tomorrow I will be taking my youngest son back to college, in western PA. I will be on the road for seven and a half hours to get him there and return home, a trip I just took yesterday! Of course, what we won't do to see our children. It makes me think of the love God had for Jesus, His son. Of course He chose a special, important place for his son to be born. We will continue to learn about how God chose not just special places, but special people to care for His son on this earth.

We will also sing a song that some of the children will have learned last year called This is Holy Ground. Here are the words:
This is holy ground
God's given us holy ground
God is in this place and so this ground is holy
This is holy ground
God's given us holy ground
God is in the place and so this ground is holy

We also have some hand movements to help us with the words. The children usually love this song. Ask them about it when they get home tomorrow.

What you can do at home: Talk about places - where you were born, where your children were born, etc. If you've been to far away places, show pictures and tell stories about the places you've been. I love the book (available in the public library) called Children Just Like Me. In it are photos and information about children from around the world. It is so important to show our children that not everyone is the same as we are. Other children wear different clothes, live in different houses, eat different foods and may go to different kinds of schools but deep down we are mostly the same. God made us that way. The more we can teach our children about those who are different yet the same the more peaceful our world will be.